Benefits of Joining LNA

Access to a trusted referral network of law firms across the globe.

Benefits of using Legal Netlink Alliance

A Network of Qualified Lawyers

LNA lawyers are constantly engaged in knowledge sharing and a variety of learning opportunities across practice areas worldwide. Our quarterly meetings offer members the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from their colleagues. Legal Netlink Alliance provides amazing benefits to clients, member firms, and each attorney that’s part of this great organization. LNA member firms maintain absolute autonomy in the practice of law, and are free to refer business to any law firm, whether or not it is a member of the organization. For more information about representation, or membership opportunities, please click here.


Every firm is screened for quality and must possess an unwavering commitment to ethics in the practice of law.


Law firms in our network are devoted to delivering superior client service. Responsiveness and attention to detail are valued by our members.


Our network of top notch law firms is global. Our members’ knowledge of their local legal system is outstanding.


Flexible fee arrangements, resources across the globe to consult with on simple and complex legal issues, and members that really care about the services they provide, differentiate LNA.


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Mihai Voicu profile

Mihai Voicu

ONV LAW, Romania

Our LNA colleagues at Carruthers & Roth, P.A. have a thriving practice with clients having international footprints reaching several continents. We, at ONV LAW, were able to work with Mike Allen of that firm in promptly referring them to our trusted legal colleagues in three countries in Asia and Central America.

Tim Nelson profile

Tim Nelson

Aronberg Goldgehn, Chicago IL

LNA enables our Chicago law firm to make trusted referrals throughout the world. Many of our clients have national and global operations, so the ability to efficiently engage local counsel with full service law firm capabilities enhances our ability to serve our clients. With great success, we’ve engaged LNA firms: in India to assist with M&A matters; in Oakland to assist with Prop 65 claims; in Melbourne, Frankfurt and Paris to assist with commercial contract matters; in Los Angeles and Honolulu to assist with local employment law compliance; in Amsterdam to assist with formation of a new company; among many others. The ability of my colleagues to trust each LNA member firm’s legal experience and commitment to high quality client service makes our involvement in LNA indispensable.

Niels Van Campenhout profile

Niels Van Campenhout

SQ Legal, Belgium

Network value illustrated. October 2018, the London offices of Goodman Derrick LLP. Two of the firm’s leading lawyers, Jessica Nugent and Deborah Rider work together with experienced attorney Niels van Campenhout, a founding partner of SQ Law, Belgium. SQ Law and Goodman Derrick LLP are both active LNA member firms. Why did they come together? Niels brought in a Belgian client of his firm and their UK-Indian partners, while Jessica and Deborah briefed them on the local context. An introductory meeting which provided clients with a compelling taste of our LNA firms’ flexibility and ability to act on short notice, assembling a team of lawyers that can coordinate multi-jurisdictional projects.

Jay Frank profile

Jay Frank

Aronberg Goldgehn, Chicago IL

Netlink, and specifically the meetings all over the U.S. and throughout the world, have allowed me and my wife to make close personal and professional relationships with lawyers everywhere. On a personal basis, we have stayed at their homes, and they have visited ours. It has been an unusually enriching experience to get to know so many people from outside our normal circles and count them as good friends. On a professional level, our firm has handled a number of legal matters from this group of friends which would have never made their way to us. All in all, it’s been a terrific experience, and I thank Netlink for the opportunity and platform to make this happen.

Clark Opdahl profile

Clark Opdahl

Henson Efron, Minneapolis MN

Our client purchased several businesses in the Los Angeles California vicinity. We requested assistance from the Clark & Trevithick firm in Los Angeles to identify necessary permits needed to operate the businesses and assistance in preparing submissions. Clark & Trevithick promptly responded to our request for assistance, researched the necessary state laws and prepared forms for submission. This assistance allowed us to be a full service provider for our client.

Tom Pavlik profile

Tom Pavlik

Delano Law Offices, Springfield Illinois

A museum in Holland approached a client about purchasing a valuable painting. We'd previously met Bas van Vliet from member firm Wintertaling in Amsterdam and he connected us with one of their lawyers who practiced art law and who also knew the players at the purchasing museum. Thanks to LNA, we were able to deliver services to our client that were on par with any international law firm. Our Client could not have been happier.

Mike Allen profile

Mike Allen

Carruthers & Roth - Greensboro, North Carolina

At the risk of sounding trite, good relationships are usually key to a successful career and, at least as important, to a happy life. For me, one of the biggest benefits of Legal Netlink has been the human connection. Legal Netlink has enriched not only my legal career, but also my personal life, allowing me to gain friends around the world who are good persons that have broadened my perspectives and interests and made the world a small, better place.

Edward Avila profile

Edward Avila

Roberts Carroll Feldstein & Peirce, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island

RCFP is proud to belong to LNA. The network’s membership of first-class law firms gives our clients access to quality legal representation virtually anywhere in the world. It’s a way for us to expand our expertise, geographic reach and ability to team up, engage and collaborate with attorney colleagues to better serve our business and corporate clients’ needs when the need arises. We trust and appreciate that LNA has vetted every firm in its membership making referrals quite seamless.


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