About Legal Netlink Alliance

For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.

LNA by the numbers: 94 firms, 1550 lawyers, 40 languages spoken, 35 countries, 143 cities

About Legal Netlink Alliance

For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.

About Legal Netlink Alliance

For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has enabled its members to extend the reach of their services to meet the needs of their clients across the globe.


Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA) is a global association of small and medium-sized, independent law firms that offers members and their clients access to top-notch legal representation around the world. What makes LNA unique is the valued professional relationships and camaraderie that our members forge with one another. Many lifelong relationships started at LNA quarterly member meetings, which bring legal professionals from all over the world together to learn from each other. 


LNA members derive tremendous benefits from their participation in the organization including: 

  • Access to an international network of law firms who share a commitment to quality and client service.
  • Quarterly meetings that offer members the opportunity to meet and get to know one another while enhancing their knowledge and skills through the latest educational and practice management programs. 
  • Lifelong personal relationships that lead to client development opportunities. 


Clients that use LNA’s vast network of law firms benefit from:

  • A simplified process for finding quality legal counsel virtually anywhere in the world. Law firms in the network are vetted to ensure they possess superlative legal skills, an unwavering commitment to ethics in the practice of law, and a dedication to serving their clients’ needs. 
  • Flexible fee arrangements and the elimination of inefficiencies inherent in large, international law firms.
  • Knowledge of the local legal system that can only be acquired by attorneys who practice in each local region every day.


While most client matters are handled between members, LNA members are free to refer matters to any law firm, whether or not a member of the organization. Click here to check out the law firms in the network. Click here to join Legal Netlink Alliance.

Our Board

Mihai Voicu profile

Mihai Voicu

Europe Board President
Bucharest, Romania

Scott Centrella profile

Scott Centrella

US Board President
Diserio Martin
Stamford, Connecticut

Brendon Friesen profile

Brendon Friesen

US Board Vice President
Mansour Gavin LPA
Cleveland, Ohio

Albrecht Prestel profile

Albrecht Prestel

Europe Board Vice-President
Frankfurt, Germany

Jon Titus profile

Jon Titus

US Board Immediate Past President
Titus Brueckner & Levine
Scottsdale, Arizona

Jay Frank profile

Jay Frank

US Board President Emeritus
Aronberg Goldgehn
Chicago, Illinois

Clark Opdahl profile

Clark Opdahl

US Board Treasurer
Henson Efron
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gonçalo Areia profile

Gonçalo Areia

Europe Board Treasurer
RBMS - Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL
Lisbon, Portugal

Kyle Citrynell profile

Kyle Citrynell

US Board Secretary
Seiller & Waterman, LLC
Louisville, Kentucky

Arend Abel profile

Arend Abel

US Board Director
Cohen & Malad LLP
Indianapolis, IN

Mike Allen profile

Mike Allen

US Board Director
Carruthers & Roth
Greensboro, North Carolina

Mike McBride profile

Mike McBride

US Board Director
Cohen & Malad LLP
Indianapolis, Indiana

Tim Nelson profile

Tim Nelson

US Board Director
Aronberg Goldgehn
Chicago, Illinois

Lenka Očkaiková profile

Lenka Očkaiková

Europe Board
BUŽEK & TEREM advokáti
Bratislava, Slovakia

Marco Padovan profile

Marco Padovan

Europe Board
Studio Legale Padovan
Milan, Italy

Sarah Delano Pavlik profile

Sarah Delano Pavlik

US Board Director
Delano Law Offices
Springfield, Illinois

Marein Smits profile

Marein Smits

Europe Board
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Frederick (Fritz) Stehlik profile

Frederick (Fritz) Stehlik

US Board Director
Gross & Welch PC LLO
Omaha, Nebraska

Serge Wilinski profile

Serge Wilinski

Europe Board Appointee for Membership and Expansion
WB Legal
Paris, France

C. Bretton Crane profile

C. Bretton Crane

US Board Director
Pray Walker
Tulsa, Oklahoma

J. Zachary Zimmerman profile

J. Zachary Zimmerman

US Board Director
Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss
Atlanta, Georgia

Paul A. Sandars III profile

Paul A. Sandars III

US Board Director
Lum Drasco & Positan, LLC
Roseland, New Jersey

Eduardo Bastos de Barros profile

Eduardo Bastos de Barros

US Board Director
Maran Gehlen Advogados & Associados
Curitiba, Brazil


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LNA NA Spring General Meeting: Tulsa, OK - May 16-17, 2024

05/16/2024 - 05/17/2024
Tulsa, Oklahoma


LNA Europe Winter meeting: Malta 2nd - 4th February 2024

02/02/2024 - 02/04/2024


LNA US Fall General Meeting - Dallas, Texas

10/25/2023 - 10/28/2023
Dallas, Texas