For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.


For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.

FOURLAW Abogados Have Joined LNA - Get to Know Them!

Feb 20, 2024 – Madrid, Spain

In MALTA, during Legal Netlink Alliance Europe Winter Meeting, our network has gained a new and strong member: FOURLAW Abogados. It is time we introduce them to all of you.

FOURLAW, based in Madrid, is a law firm specialising in business law, covering the areas of corporate law and M&A, intellectual and industrial property, litigation, new technologies and tax. There are currently five partners in the firm: Andrés Herzog, Gabriele Hofmann, Enrique Íñiguez, Diego Gutiérrez, Francisco Téllez.

"We were happy to receive a new member among our ranks. Fourlaw Abogados from Madrid is our new partner in Spain, an excellent full-service business law firm. May I add that Diego, Francisco and Andrés, who represented Fourlaw in Malta, are excellent chaps and are determined to be active members alongside their other two partners (Gabriele and Enrique) and the entire firm. Don’t hesitate to cooperate and drop by their office when you visit Madrid" - said Mihai Voicu, Europe Board President, welcoming the new members.

Left to right, Francisco Téllez, Diego Gutiérrez and Andrés Herzog during their introduction in MALTA.

FOURLAW is just celebrating their first 10 years of practice but their partners have a wealth of experience in some of the most important law firms in Spain. The entire team is a balance between young lawyers and experienced, seasoned attorneys - in total, the firm currently employs 23 lawyers.

Their purpose - providing a closer assistance to clients and establishing a solid relationship of trust; long-term relationships with clients; first-class, near, flexible, practical, efficient-oriented advice. It is those values and commitment, among others, that have persuaded us to welcome this firm into Legal Netlink Alliance.

Practice areas and strengths:

As many of our members will notice, there are many synergies to build with FOURLAW. Their chief practice areas include: M&A and corporate law, IP/IT, Litigation and Tax.

What FOURLAW Partners say about the firm:

We thrive on challenges. After working in large law firms, we decided to create our own team, to provide efficient services that add maximum value to our clients.

We believe that it is possible to advise clients independently and professionally, by placing ourselves in their position and offering practical solutions to their problems through long-term relationships that allows us to grow together with their projects.

In a constantly changing world our target is to adapt our legal advice to new forms of business, technological challenge and globalization.

See attached presentation for more details.