For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.


For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.

GTG Advocates at a Glance - in Preparation of LNA Winter Meeting

Jan 11, 2024 – Valletta, Malta

With the Europe Winter meeting just weeks away, it is our pleasure to introduce our hosts – the law firm of GTG Advocates.
Here are some key points about their history, evolution and bright present day that we want you to know. Although this profile does not do justice to GTG’s numerous achievements, it will be a great introduction for those of you who have not yet worked with the firm and its brilliant attorneys.
We were happy to welcome GTG to our ranks in 2019, five years later, we congratulate ourselves for the decision”, says Mihai Voicu, LNA Europe President. They are among our most active members and it is always an inspiration to work with their team.”

About GTG Advocates in MALTA

GTG has been at the forefront of Malta's legal landscape since its inception in the nineties and constantly drives innovation, policy, and regulatory developments, particularly in the areas of fintech, technology, data protection, legal futures, and gaming/gambling.  

Based in Malta’s capital city of Valletta, our ever-growing team of industry specialists is internationally ranked and recognised as a leader across multiple fields, offering a multi-disciplinary approach to service the requirements of our local and international clients.

Always faithful to our core values, we pride ourselves in constant evolution, embracing growth and innovation to best serve our vast client base, while remaining rooted in our tradition of service and tailor-made solutions.

Our vision and dedication are the hallmark of our practice, putting the success of our clients at the centre of it all consolidating our operations into a hub of international expertise and excellence.

GTG Core Values: Excellence, Individual Attention, Respect & Integrity, Teamwork


We are result-oriented and aim for meticulous, innovative, and timely solutions. Our hallmark is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Individual Attention

The firm’s structure enables us to dedicate personal and partner-level attention. Working with our clients permits us to better understand and achieve their desired targets.

Respect & Integrity

We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in relations to our clients. Respect, trust, confidentiality, and loyalty are fundamental to us.


Our strength is in our team. With expert knowledge in our respective fields, we value and complement one another, bringing together individual contributions to generate optimum results.


The Firm

We value our collective identity as GTG: in our concerted efforts to achieve success for our clients, we take pleasure in working together and in enhancing the firm’s reputation.

GTG History

1997: Gatt Tufigno Gauci Advocates, formerly GFT, was founded by Dr Ivan Gatt and Dr Robert Tufigno through the merging of their established legal practices. Rooted in generations of legal tradition, the firm set itself apart by focusing on its core practices as well as exploring new technologies and markets. GTG Advocates would be one of the first Maltese law firms to provide legal services to the gaming and betting industry, cementing itself at the forefront of this emerging field.

2005: Dr Ian Gauci joined GTG Advocates as a senior partner, bringing in considerable expertise in the technology and expanding the firm’s already established telecoms team. GTG Advocates continued to grow and expand its focused practice teams, confirming its leading role in Malta’s telecoms, gaming/gambling, technology, and shipping legal services industry.

2016:  A strategic collaboration between GTG Advocates and Avviza Advisory, led by Mr Reuben Portanier, was established, providing comprehensive services to gaming clients shared by the two firms. This successful partnership would lead to the eventual consolidation of GTG Advocates and Avviza Advisory, combining expertise and experience and bringing exponential value to their clients. 

2018:  Afilexion Alliance Co Ltd was established by GTG Advocates and Avviza Advisory, with the founding partners being Dr Ian Gauci, Dr Robert Tufigno, Dr Ivan Gatt, Mr Reuben Portanier, and Mr Andrew Demanuele. GTG Advocates migrated its Company Service Provision (CSP) activity to Afilexion, whilst Avviza Advisory moved its full operation and clients to Afilexion. Following the Malta Financial Services Authority’s approval, Afilexion Alliance became the group’s CSP, advisory, and compliance outsourcing arm, offering one of the most comprehensive advisory and support services portfolio for regulators and law makers, tech operators, telecoms, platform providers, affiliates, e-money and payment providers, exchanges, and service providers in a diverse range of sectors, particularly the IT, Telecoms, Media, Fintech, Gaming, Financial Services, and Cryptocurrency sectors.  

2019: Dr Ian Gauci was appointed as the new Managing Partner of GTG Advocates. Dr Gauci succeeded Dr Ivan Gatt who had served as Managing Partner of the firm since its inception in 1997. Dr Gatt continues to serve as Senior Partner within the firm’s diverse team of legal specialists.

2022: The group, including GTG Advocates and Afilexion Alliance, was rebranded under the GTG umbrella, with the GTG legacy shared by all the components of the group in line with its projected growth plans. With its strong brand recognition and immediate client association with expertise, professionalism, diligence, experience, and innovation, GTG now holds GTG Advocates and GTG Corporate within its structure.

Practice Areas – GTG Advocates

Capital Markets

Citizenship and Residence Schemes




Data Protection & Privacy


Financial Services


Gaming & Betting

Intellectual Property

Legal Futures

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mergers and Acquisitions

Policy & Regulatory

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Yachting & Maritime

Practice Areas – GTG Corporate

Accounting & Payroll & Tax Support Services

Company Administration Services

Company Incorporation

Corporate Governance Support

Corporate Services

Corporate Structures & Organisational Design

Dissolution & Winding Up

Re-domiciliation of Companies

Statutory Filing Support

Betting & Gaming Licensing

Business Strategy & Planning

Compliance Services for Regulated Entities

Continuous Professional Development Training

Corporate Governance & ESG

Key Person Outsourcing

Regulatory Auditing


GTG has consistently proven its excellence and leadership garnering remarkable recognition and accolades from prestigious institutions. The company has always been at the forefront of the technology sphere and an industry leader in the gaming/gambling/betting arena. It has also achieved the esteemed Band 1 status in Fintech by Chambers and Partners, a testament to its exceptional performance and innovation in the field.

The company's prowess extends beyond Fintech, as evidenced by its Tier 1 rankings in Corporate, Commercial, and M&A, along with Fintech by Legal 500. These achievements underscore GTG's unwavering commitment to excellence, its cutting-edge contributions, and its overall prominence within multiple domains of the legal and corporate world.

Moreover, GTG's Partners, are also individually recognized as leading figures where in areas like Fintech they also secured distinguished rankings including the prestigious Band 1 ranking by Chambers and Partners as well as consistently being acknowledged as Leading Individuals in Fintech by Legal 500 for the last five years.