For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.


For thirty years, Legal Netlink Alliance has served the needs of clients worldwide.

Three LNA Firms Team Up to Support Italy’s Comufficio Members

Mar 26, 2024 – Milan, Italy

Following an initiative by Studio Legale Spreafico, three Legal Netlink Alliance Members teamed up to support 20 Comufficio member-companies in their efforts to enter new markets in Europe.

Studio Legale Spreafico (Italy), Maluquer Abogados (Spain) and BALÁZS KOVÁTSITS Legal Partnership (Hungary) hosted a webinar in March to benefit members of Comufficio, Italy’s National Association of companies producing, importing and distributing ICT products and services.

The webinar, entitled “Business Opportunities Aboard and Managing Expansion Problems” was aimed at supporting the participating businesses to prepare their strategy and legal steps for expanding to new European markets. Comufficio looks to Europe and beyond, thanks to a partnership with Legal Netlink Alliance, as worldwide network of law firms able to offer effective solutions for businesses looking into new export opportunities.

Topics covered in the webinar were:

·      How can you expand your market by looking outside Italy?

·      How to deal with possible disputes with foreign customers and suppliers?

·      What opportunities are there for companies and individuals outside Italy?

The webinar, opened by Dr Luisa Bellissimo from Comufficio, contained presentations and tips & tricks brought by Legal Netlink Alliance Members – attorneys Roberto Spreafico (Studio Legale Spreafico), Alessandro Pieralli (Maluquer Abogados) and Dr Tamás Balázs (BALÁZS KOVÁTSITS Legal). There was a Q&A section to cover participants’ further needs.

Both Comufficio and Legal Netlink Alliance members are determined to make this meeting just the first in a series aimed at helping the Italian trade association provide its members with legal support and services related to internationalization for their businesses.

More about the webinar:

The 20 participants represented Comufficio member-companies operating in the following areas of activity: sale of software, provision of software and hardware support services, sales of office machinery, investigation services.

 “We have tackled many important aspects stemming from the need to grasp opportunities of doing business abroad,” said Roberto Spreafico, Managing Partner of Studio Legale Spreafico, a firm that has more than 20 years of membership in Legal Netlink Alliance. “We discussed best legal ways to do business in other markets – whether managing the activity through strong contractual agreements or setting up operations in a given market. My friend Tamás was able to describe the costs and tax advantages of creating a company in Hungary, while Alessandro outlined the advantages of doing business in Spain: less burocracy, good taxation system, favourable labour legislation.”


Italy’s export market is growing rapidly and with its exporting industry currently focused on high-value sectors, there are many opportunities for Italians that produce or sell products that fall into these industries. For instance technical machinery and computers currently make up over 18% of Italy's exports, with a value of more than US $90 billion.

While Spain is one of Italy’s traditional export partners, there are many other opportunities in Europe for Comufficio members – as well as beyond Europe.

 “It is my conviction and recommendation for Italian businesses to go boldly into new markets supported by the expertise of a global network like Legal Netlink Alliance”, says Roberto Spreafico.


More about Comufficio:

Comufficio is the National Association of companies producing, importing and distributing ICT products and services. The association was founded in 1945 and since then it has always been able to create an organic unity in all associated companies and ensure effective defence of collective and individual interests, encouraging research, pursuing the improvement of the technical-professional training of employees , as well as distribution in the interest of the end user.

Through membership of Confcommercio - Italian Confederation of Commerce, Tourism and Services - and through the initiatives developed by its Work Committees, Comufficio protects the interests of operators by increasing the attention of the political class to the problems of the sector and supporting their choices strategic and operational.